See what people are saying about Pedal Fit

I personally must commend Dr. Natalie Collins! She is the most caring, MOTIVATING and compassionate person I have ever met. You would never expect to need a person like her until you do! She has helped me through one of the toughest times in my life! I am so glad I was referred to her!
— Joseph

“Natalie has fit several bikes for me and many more for my customers. She’s a physical therapist, so she has a deeper understanding of body dynamics than other fitters out there. Her attention to detail is off the charts! I manage a bike shop and understand the importance of having a bike fit. In addition to physical and performance benefits, it’s just more fun to ride a great fitting bike. Natalie helped me get dialed on my new hardtail. No detail was overlooked and I’ve never felt more comfortable, confident or faster on a mountain bike. If you ride a bike, you really should consider a bike fit. I highly recommend Natalie!
— Kevin

The physical therapist I’d been seeing for help with my bad knees recommended that I visit Natalie when I told them that I was having knee pain with biking. They said I shouldn’t have pain. She did a very thorough physical therapy assessment that looked at my overall function and abilities before I even got on the bike! I was very happy to be working with a physical therapist who was knowledgeable about the knee problems I was dealing with.

Natalie is obsessed with getting people comfortable and happy on their bikes. I needed to make some equipment upgrades to address some fit issues, and she went above and beyond to help me find a good saddle within my budget. Her passion for getting everyone comfortable and happy on their bikes is apparent the first time you meet her. Long story short, my knees are now pain-free when I ride, and we addressed some other issues that I had had just been living with and thought were just part of riding a bike. It was worth every penny!
— Stephanie