Settle for nothing less than that feeling when you push on the pedals and no energy is wasted, no injury is provoked and satisfaction beats bitterness. 


Why should you have a Pedal Fit

Pedal Fit LLC is the first of it’s kind bike fitting service, in the Denver metro area, that is fully serviced by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. The Pedal Fit system was developed out of necessity, to bridge the gap between the body and the bike. After years of feedback from clients, we have found that we provide a comprehensive and individualized service unlike any other.

We believe every client deserves the right to be comfortable and empowered on and off the bike. Our knowledge of the biomechanics of the human body, movement expertise, treatment/prevention of injury and the care and attention that is received with each bike fitting is what makes Pedal Fit unique.  By having a Physical Therapist one-on-one throughout the process of a comprehensive bike fit, you can trust that your body's comfort and performance is the number one priority, now and in the future.



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